Visual Advantage System

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless!

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Taking The Guess Work Out Of Recruiting

A company’s most valued assets are its employees and finding qualified staff for almost any role can be a daunting task. Employers regularly spend hours or days of valuable time reviewing stacks of resumes, scheduling and rescheduling interview times and eventually meeting dozens of candidates that “just don’t fit.”

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Employers are always looking for candidates that are the right “fit” for their organization, but this quality cannot be assessed through traditional resume presentation methods. Video can make all the difference!

Our Simple Process:


One of our experienced recruiters performs an extensive interview with the candidate


We compile a candidate profile comprised of their technical and software skills, educational background, work history, salary and location requirements, career goals, motivating factors, the reason they are in the job market, and other related areas.


The candidate answers 3 or 4 questions on video. This is typically a short video-clip; under 2 minutes in length. A few video-clip samples are located on this page for your review.


Finally, we combine all the information and create an individualized web profile for the candidate consisting of their video, professional summary, and traditional resume.

Examples Of Our Visual Advantage System In Action

We Call It Our Visual Advantage System

This comprehensive presentation will shorten the hiring process by reducing the uncertainty involved when meeting candidates solely based on their resume. Compare candidates more effectively to choose those who best fit your organization and requirements of the role. This process is not meant to replace traditional interviews for full-time hires, but it will make the interview process infinitely more effective and quicker, with no surprises.

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